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    Read the Full Article to Know how to join deal with us mail

    *This Is Pure Corporate Plan,NO MLM*
    *Digital Marketing Business*

    1) Dealwithus Mail is a Company Founded by Alumnus of IIT-B in March 2015,the main aim of this company is to create global Freelancing Platform for Digital Marketing and Advertisements, where COMPANY and PEOPLE connect with each other and work in the area of Digital Marketing.

    2) How DealwithusMail Works? Corporates/Companies provides us Marketing Project/They Give us fees for Marketing DealwithusMail is the Connecting Platform which bring Marketing Projects to Common people and they Market it by our Indigenous Software.

    *Work:- Common people work is to Send Emails for Partner Company and Get paid Daily by our Software*

    3) How we are Different from Others
    We are Money Generating Organisation, in which we generate money from Corporates/Big Companies for Advertising/Marketing their Product’s.
    We Pay to Common People By Completing Digital Marketing Work.
    4) Methods of Earning from DealwithusMail Give Me Your Email ID will send PPT

    Joining Link:

    whatsapp or call : 8057177256

    For any queries meet me at my Office. (Call me or message for Appointment)
    Gaura Apartment
    1st Floor,Bhusar lane
    Near Kaveri Taai Patil Old Residence
    Kalwa (West), Thane
    Whatsapp 8057177256
    Kapil Singh
    *With Benefit Earning Per Day by Making 5 Accounts*
    *_Plan of 58,000₹_*

    0 Level (Your Level, You Earn Minimum 500₹ Per Day, Just By Sending Emails to Our Corporate Clients)

    1st Level:- 5 Directs Accounts (You Earn 25% of their Earning)

    25% of 500Rs = 125₹
    125₹ X 5 Accounts = 625₹

    2nd Level:- 5Direct X 5= 25 Accounts
    (You Earn 15% of their Earning)
    15% of 500Rs = 75₹
    75 X 25 Accounts = 1875₹

    3rd Level :- 25 X 5= 125 Accounts
    (You Earn 10% of their Earning)
    10% of 500Rs = 50₹
    50 X 125 Members= 6250₹

    4th Level:-
    125 X 5= 625 Accounts
    (You Earn 5% of their Earning)
    5% of 500Rs = 25₹
    25 X 625 Accounts = 15,625 ₹

    5th Level :- 625 X 5= 3125 Accounts
    (You Earn 2.5% of their Earning)
    2.5% of 500Rs = 12.5₹
    12.5 X 3125 Accounts = 39,062₹
    65,000 ₹ Per Day Earning by Dealwithusmail.
    Monthly:- 15Lakhs
    Yearly Income:- 1.7Cr